Natural Remedies Using Amezcua BioDisc – Health Wellness Tool – Scalar Energy – Part 1

Our healthy body is an electric current as every nerve impulses on each cell, capable of producing 70-90 milivolts. Other form of energy can be related to the muscle, that is powered by chemical energy. How about, digestion as a slow form of burning that produces energy that translate to kinetic energy for that day-to-day activities called ‘living’ Can ‘death’ be classified as another form of energy? Well, certainly, with the absence of electrical activity in the brain, the body ceases to function. All life is then energy. By optimizing that energy, we can also optimize health. We need to explore and understand at what frequency and amplitude that we need and how to use it.

By, re-charging our body with the right frequency, thus we prevent disease and prolong the threshold to combat or resist current ailments and faster recovery or healing. Other examples by comparison would be ‘Lasik Surgery’ by your eye-doctor via LASIK surgery or plastic surgeon at removing facial hair and wrinkles, using ‘sound waves’ to break-up kidney stones or X-rays and magnetic fields to see into bodies. The variance difference is a mere one frequency and amplitude that generate different sound wave. We can then translate into lay-mans terms as ‘scalar energy’ is another application of ‘healing energy’ and it is as natural as science intended it to be.

The Nature of Energy

There is another ‘viewing point’ to elaborate the above, when we characterize the energy as ‘particle’ and ‘wave’ like properties. It is visible in graphic form of Hertzian wave, either in the form of sine wave or step wave. The only difference between all this forms is the rise and fall (frequency) and the intensity of the rise and fall (amplitude).

A New Paradigm

The next series of articles will show us, how to actually embed the ‘scalar healing energy’ into nutritional products. The learning process will show us, how healing energy frequencies are transferred into the surrounding atmosphere, liquid base produce that will transfer into indigestion of every cell for the overall well being of your health. This is a 1st Series of Natural Remedies Treatment for Amezcua Bio Disc – Health Wellness Tool for Migraineurs.

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Five Tips to Heighten Humor and The Health Wellness Benefits of Laughter

When was the last time you had a good belly laugh? The health benefits of laughter are too numerous to chuckle at. A good gut-buster strengthens the diaphragm and abdominal muscles. stimulates healthy blood flow, lowers serum cortisol (stress hormone) levels, and releases endorphins (euphoric hormones), raising threshold to pain, and boosting your immune system. Humor and laughter are uniquely human. Laughter cultivates a more comfortable social atmosphere, and creates the feeling of over all well. So, lighten up and laugh a little cause life’s to short to be miserable. Here are some tips to heighten your humor:

View life from a different perspective: Keep life interesting. Find, new and different ways of doing things you do every day., or try something you’ve never done before.

Express instead of impress: Impressing is often superficial and vain, while expressing is beneficial to everyone involved

Laugh at yourself: You’ll find this more of an icebreaker, whereas laughing at someone else is an icemaker

Find a funny role model: Read or listen to jokes or comedians you find entertaining. Ask yourself, what makes this person so funny? Hang out with funny friends who make you laugh, and finally… Plan for pleasure and have some fun. You can visit a comedy club, get together with hilarious friends or just sit at home and watch a funny show or movie. Now that’s good medicine

Fake It: as studies have shown positive effects happen whether a smile is real or you fake it and the same goes for laughing. In fact, you’ll still get the health benefits mentioned above even if you fake-laugh.